Geography and Important Places

The Kingdoms of the Caliphate

Although it is most known in foreign lands for its wide desert, the four kingdoms of the Caliph are home to a great variety of terrain, both stark and verdant. The Caliphate stretches from indomitable mountains in the east to cold sea in the west, and stretches from warm ocean on its southern coast to the taiga north of its volcanic lands.

Kingdom of Trees

On the southern edge of the Caliphate, the Kingdom of Trees occupies the land between the ocean’s edge and rugged hills that run from the great mountains on the east to the vast delta marsh in the west. The slopes of the hills are covered in forests of mighty trees that are used in the Caliphate’s great trading ships ornate palaces. Countless small streams wind through the wooded hills to the rocky beaches of the coastline. Offshore, many small islands are also claimed by this kingdom. It profits well by its lumber and shipwrights, but truly thrives on trading between the rest of the Caliphate and the coastal cities of the eastern lands and the islands beyond.

Kingdom of Paths

The Kingdom of Paths holds the west edge of the Caliphate, from the southern continent to the northwestern. Its most unique feature is the vast, boggy delta where the two great rivers meet and flow into the cold sea, but its importance lies in its trade routes. The only good land routes from the civilizations of the south and the old fallen empire in the northwest run through this kingdom, bringing in wealth and craftsmen from all of the western world. It also has brought a great military tradition to protect these coveted highways. Though the brackish delta is of little use to men, the cold sea to the west is also a source of plentiful fish.

Kingdom of Rivers

The breadbasket of the Caliphate comes from the two mighty rivers that run parallel from the great mountains to the cold sea. Their flood plains are the only extensive fertile lands in the Caliphate, and where the brushland between them supports hardier crops and domestic herds.

Kingdom of Fire

The northern part of the Caliphate is a patchwork of scrubland, sandy desert, and rocky volcanic hills. The hot springs that the region’s volcanoes force up are an unpredictable mix of fresh, salty, and toxic. While this is a hard land, its mineral wealth makes it worthwhile. Rocky spurs in the desert may contain troves of rare metals and stones, and the mountains on the kingdom’s eastern side hold the caliphate’s finest quarries. The lava caves in the lowlands and water-carved caves in the mountains are home to many of the Caliphate’s most unusual and powerful pokemon.

Geography and Important Places

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