Training Regulations

Pokemon can be powerful and dangerous creatures, and as such, their training is carefully governed. Just beneath the Caliph in regulating pokemon training is his Grand Champion, the foremost advisor to the Caliph in matters concerning pokemon and widely considered to be the most powerful and talented trainer in the caliphate. Each of the four sultans also keeps a champion and advisor, who are responsible for overseeing the Master Trainers, healers, and lesser scholars in their territories. The Grand Champion is over these four, and also oversees the Sages throughout the entire caliphate.

An aspiring trainer begins with one of the Sages. These most accomplished scholars are tasked with identifying potential talents and instructing aspirants on the basics required of a trainer. As part of their tutelage, they will capture their first pokemon – frequently one they have already befriended – but may only keep this one partner until their education is complete. When an aspirant receives a Sage’s blessing, they are allowed to use capture devices on wild pokemon, but may only keep three partners, and only pokemon from a list of known and acceptably safe species.

The next step for an aspirant is to face the challenge of a Master Trainer and thereby earn their blessing. With the blessing of one master trainer, the limit on partners is raised to six and the title of novice trainer may finally be claimed. To be granted the right to train unknown and dangerous pokemon, a trainer must claim, by way of challenges, the blessings of three Master Trainers. Only then are they considered a full trainer.

As a trainer, whether aspirant, novice, or full, one accepts certain responsibilities. The Caliph provides, in his generosity, trained pokemon healers throughout his lands. He also ensures the training of craftsmen to keep his capture devices plentiful and affordable. For these gift, a trainer’s expected service is simple – to share with his scholars what knowledge they gather in their travels and training, and to provide assistance to his security officials in matters of pokemon and natural disaster.

Training Regulations

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