Commonly Seen Pokemon

Common Domestic Pokemon


  • By far the most common pokemon to see with people are Mareep. Humans have long kept herds of them for their wool, an invaluable resource in the vast stretches of the Caliphate where vegetation is scarce. The higher evolutions are quite rare among their herds, although Ampharos are kept as a symbol of prestige by the strongest leaders among the tribes of herdsmen.


  • Few people are allowed to keep these pokemon at all, but tame Fletchinder have been a symbol of the Caliph’s trusted guards for generations. Being allowed to handle a Talonflame is a mark of the Caliph’s highest esteem. Fletchling are given as songbirds to non-Trainers favored by the Caliph. These pokemon are fairly rare in the wild, and even those trainers who find them cannot train them without the Caliph’s blessing.

Garden Pokemon

  • Over the years a number of otherwise exotic plant-types have been imported and gifted to the Caliphate for display in the gardens of noblemen and wealthy merchants. Most of these pokemon are kept in luxury behind the garden walls, but some species, like Bellsprout and Oddish, are bred commonly enough within the Caliphate that trainers can reliably find ways to obtain them as partners.

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Common Urban Pokemon

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Common Trainer Pokemon

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Commonly Seen Pokemon

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