A History of Pokemon Trainers

There have traditionally been four types of cooperation between humans and pokemon. The least involved relationships occur where human communities and populations of wild pokemon have developed a symbiosis over time. Pokemon are clever and recognize when cooperation is advantageous, but such pokemon are still wholly wild. They do typically recognize a few humans in the community as trusted allies, who help to keep the two communities working together.

Closer and more commonly observed are the pokemon who have accepted domesticity. Mareep herders, trade caravan masters, palace gardeners, simple pet owners, and more have raised and kept gentler species of pokemon for generations untold. While these pokemon are content to be taken care of for the services they provide, and are fond of their masters who do, they are humans’ partners in only the simplest endeavors.

Real partnerships, and the ability to truly train and battle with pokemon began with those humans who are able to tap into certain types of the magic energy that pokemon themselves make use of. Particularly among fighting types, pokemon recognize these individuals as respectable rivals, and as partners who could bring them unique challenges and opportunities. Travelling with human partners and allowing them to command their battle strategies, such pokemon grew more powerful and more quickly than their wild counterparts, and such teams earned much notoriety.

Most powerful and rare of all have been humans who could learn and control magic to bind into objects. Only a few people in a generation have had both the magical power and the education needed, but these rare trainers have been great heroes, rulers, sages, and villains. Collecting pokemon partners of a variety of types and having them work together, and travelling far and wide to do so, they offer even greater opportunities to ambitious pokemon. That such binding requires overcoming the power of the pokemon itself ensures that such trainers garner the quick respect of their chosen partners.

This rarity changed dramatically 50 years ago. The Caliph’s high scholar developed a way to bind pokemon with their own energy, rather than requiring personal magical power from the trainer to subdue them. The Caliph commanded this knowledge be spread throughout the land, that pokemon might better be harnessed for the growth of the caliphate. Sages and Master Trainers now teach those with promise how to utilize these new devices, even as they judge their honor to ensure that those trusted with this power will use the Caliph’s gifts to contribute back to the knowledge and safety of the caliphate. Craftsmen and scholars, besides supporting the needs of the new generation of trainers, constantly explore new methods that offer constant improvements in capturing, training, and utilizing pokemon. Even the meanest citizens can enjoy the exotic wonders trainers spread, the awesome displays of combat they engage in, and the protection from dangerous wild pokemon they provide.

A History of Pokemon Trainers

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